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Hi.  My name is Greg, and I’m an entrepreneurship addict … who also happens to be an attorney / MBA.  The relentless ambition, discontent and vast overestimation of my MacGyver-like abilities – inherent in any entrepreneur – are embedded deep down in my genetic code.

I mention my “lofty” education, not to brag, but because it is relevant to what PG Rembrandt is all about.  Early on, I believed risk-and-terror-free entrepreneurship could be achieved with enough school.  If I could just take enough classes that would cover every conceivable contingency …


My experience is that entrepreneurship “domain expertise” can only come from actually doing entrepreneurship, failing at entrepreneurship, paying attention and taking notes.  In fact, I think my hoity-toity education probably hurt more than it helped.  I over-analyzed, didn’t enjoy getting my hands “too dirty” … everything you would expect from a wimpy, whiney, pampered JD/MBA.  But I learned how to get things done, because I simply had to.  My education at least gave me the ability to record good, detailed notes along the way.

In The Book Blog, I share my notes.  All of ‘em.  Organized.  In detail.  The best-of-the-best insights I’ve gathered over the years.


First: Because Small Business Owners are my heroes.  They are, without exception, dreamers, who do.  Brilliant creativity, our culture, jobs, extraordinary acts of service happen every day because of these heroes.  I want you to succeed.  I believe that effective, empowered Entrepreneurs make the world better.

Second: I love to help.  I want to spend all day, every day, lifting, encouraging, and training others to build their realm.  PG Rembrandt gives me the ability to do that, while feeding my family.

Finally: One of my joys of life is to be associated with good, interesting people – people I look forward to seeing and speaking with.  My clients are remarkable, unique people who constantly give as much as they receive from me.


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