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PG Rembrandt, like so many businesses, was borne out of significant frustration.  While starting and operating my own businesses, I often looked for practical advice and know-how from someone who had obviously walked the same path I was traveling.  Try as I might, I could not find that book or website that gave me exactly what I really needed.

PG Rembrandt is an attempt to provide to you, my hero … the small business owner, exactly what I was looking for.  My hope is that you will find that we offer a unique and extremely useful kind of Business Coaching:


PG Rembrandt does not offer any pre-packaged assessments.  Instead, PG Rembrandt provides 60+ customizable Coaching Modules designed to assist you in the real-life day-to-day challenges you face.  There are 11 broad Coaching Areas, each with multiple Coaching Modules:

  • Clearly Defining Your Ideal Business End-State [4 Modules]
  • Your Company’s Fundamentals [5 Modules]
  • Keeping Score of Your Most Important Metrics [3 Modules]
  • Growth through Effective Marketing [10 Modules]
  • Growth through Effective Selling [9 Modules]
  • Negotiation for Small Business Owners [4 Modules]
  • Delivering “Professional Grade” Products & Services [8 Modules]
  • Bringing People Onboard [13 Modules]
  • The Emotional Side of Being a Business Owner [4 Modules]
  • Addressing Personal Liability [3 Modules]
  • Putting It All Together [5 Modules]

Together, we pick and choose among the Coaching Modules to create a customized, prioritized plan to transform your business into exactly what you want it to become.

Click here to see a list of all of the Coaching Modules.  Our Book Blog is a weekly section-by-section creation of a small business owner’s book that explores each module in detail.  It’s FREE!  Sign up in the sidebar to get each new section in your email inbox each week.


Believe me, I have walked more than a few miles in your moccasins.  I have started, owned and operated six small businesses and been an advisor to several others.  I have experienced the terror of no longer receiving a paycheck.  I know what it is like to meet payroll, again and again.  I have been swept up into the tornado of growth and “success.”  I have most certainly failed.  Most importantly, I have paid close attention to what constitutes real, practical “business street smarts” and taken very good notes.

The guidance you will receive comes with great empathy and the confidence of having tackled your particular challenge … and the well-earned humility of knowing when something is beyond our ability.


The President of PG Rembrandt, Greg Bashaw (see About Me) has an MBA and is a licensed attorney.  Although I have a strong conviction that experience rather than advanced education is the best basis for small business success, my academic foundation gives me the ability to be organized, thorough and critical in my thinking.  PG Rembrandt’s Coaching Modules are based on both my experience and the best, most rigorous minds I can find.  My entire business career has been one long search for applying the best thinking to real-world business operations.


One of the most frustrating aspects of Business Coaching, for both the Coach and the “Business Owner / Player,” is that Business Owners are Busy … with a capital “B.”  My experience is that Business Owners desperately want our plan executed, NOW!, but often find it terribly difficult to find the time to execute the plan.  They are too busy taking care of customers, employees, finances, etc., etc., etc.

This is why PG Rembrandt offers, if needed and desired, Execution Services in addition to Business Planning and Coaching.  We offer you the option of using our team to execute your initiatives.  We show you members of our team, and you “draft” the players you’d like to use for your projects.  Our team members are smart, polished and experienced … and reasonably priced.


If all of this sounds worthy of at least a conversation, reach out to us.  We would love to meet you.

T: 720-446-6363

E: Info@pgrembrandt.com

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