Business Plan Execution Services


The #1 most difficult part of the Coaching relationship is execution of The Plan.

This makes sense for many reasons:

  • DOING is, in fact, inherently harder than merely planning to do something.
  • Setting aside time for vitally important, but not urgent, tasks is one of the hardest disciplines to master.  It’s why most dreams stay dreams.
  • Many Business Owners are already working long, hard hours.  When are they supposed to find time to work on long-term business goals?
  • Business Owners, and their teams, may not have the know-how on how to get certain things done.

Let’s be blunt.  Lack of time, lack of energy, lack of discipline, are lack of know-how are real … and understandable.  Any one of them can scuttle the best-laid plans of us mice and men.


Because of this, PG Rembrandt offers its clients great flexibility in HOW the Plans get executed.

Want to do execute your plan entirely internally, with only encouragement and coaching from your Business Coach?  Great!

Want PG Rembrandt to most of your plan using its team?  Fantastic!  Happy to do that.

Want to figure out some customized mix of internal and external team?  Wonderful!


PG Rembrandt has professionals for all of the following domains:

  • Financial: Bookkeeping, payroll, benefits
  • IT: Networking, Microsoft Exchange, help desk, phone systems, security, compliance
  • Marketing: Graphic design, website, writing marketing copy, blogging, SEO, research
  • Legal: Business organizations, asset protection, contract drafting, etc.
  • Human Resources: Law, compensation, job descriptions, manual creation, etc.

You decide what services you need, either related to a specific project or long-term.  We present resumes to you, and you decide which professionals you would like to meet.  You then meet them and decide whom you would like to use.


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