The BIG Picture


The Core PG Rembrandt Service. Defining the desired End-State, creating a plan, setting time-bound goals, achieving the goals. Achieving goals in 60+ nuts-and-bolts areas.


Don’t have the time or resources to get everything in the plan done? No problem! Let us execute your plan for you.


At PG Rembrandt, everything we do is about producing real, tangible results.  To accomplish those results, we divide our process into two parts: Creating a Plan and Executing the Plan.  We begin every relationship by defining clearly the End-State our client desires.  This typically includes both good things they want to see and experience in their blended work-life (most important) and unpleasant things they would like to have go away.  The End-State should be something that is exciting for the Business Owner – something that, just thinking about it, makes a Business Owner smile.

We then together set some specific, time-bound goals.  After that, we identify the tasks that need to be done to hit those goals, and determine the who, how and when for each task.  We then encourage and follow-up with one another to ensure we achieve each goal, on time, thoroughly, with style (Style matters!).

PG Rembrandt offers THREE options for Executing the Plan we create together:

  1. We can coach, encourage and help you execute the Plan yourself.
  1. We can execute the plan for you.
  1. We can do some mish-mash of both the above.

You choose.

We move from goal-to-goal until your business and work-life blend is precisely what you want it to be.

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